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Viiva icon family

Viiva icon family

Viiva, which is Finnish for 'line' is an icon family consisting of modern line icons that work nicely in any web or UI project. 

-  The family has over 500+ icons and counting.
-  Easy to pick and choose from, using the Iconfinder     marketplace
-  All icons in SVG vector format
-  This family won't judge you

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In 2018 I started the biggest one-man company the world had ever seen. It isn't big in the traditional sense, in fact it isn't big at all, but boy, it's something. The name 'Kulmaisa', which in Finnish means 'with edges' means to me the low polygon 3D graphics of the Playstation 1 era in the 90's, the most unbeliavable high point of everything
visual at the time at least for me. 

In short, Kulmaisa is a channel for my own commercial design projects that I want to make when I'm not working as sr. Graphic Designer in my day job.


Corporate mascot


I'm very good at reading e-mails too (Not the really hard e-mails though).

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